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DEAR 1/A , 27.4.10

tag la. 1a'09 pow~er

1/A 2009 SHSS ROCK.
1A! oiiiiiiii
{*11:44 PM}

DEAR 1/A , 20.11.09

hey ppls kt here. so todae went class outing or kinda since 8 ppl turn out . zzz very fun . for those who like "eh no one tell me". i tell u coz either no phone num or hotmail so how to tell. to those "the weather". HA i tell u we 1st enter play two games then rain zzz waited 2 hr or so in the end played about 4 hrs or so . to those "my pama dun allow" well pity lor .

kk till next time

1/A 2009 SHSS ROCK.
1A! oiiiiiiii
{*12:38 AM}

DEAR 1/A , 12.11.09

kk ppl choose! for class outing.... end of voting on 17/10/09 !!!

class outing

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1/A 2009 SHSS ROCK.
1A! oiiiiiiii
{*5:48 PM}

DEAR 1/A , 29.10.09

yo! 1a kt here!!!
holiday coming very happy hor ?
arh just post same pic during last tue to the trip to bukit chandu ^.^

heheh tmr be care full

1/A 2009 SHSS ROCK.
1A! oiiiiiiii
{*10:48 PM}

DEAR 1/A , 23.10.09

Hello people(:

the results are out .
some did good (: some did super good (:
some did so ____
but there is no use crying over a spilt milk.
so , no matter what is happening , look in front of you .
you choose your path , not me , not the teachers , but YOU!
Jiayou for those who can go NA .

Loves ,

1/A 2009 SHSS ROCK.
1A! oiiiiiiii
{*7:11 PM}

DEAR 1/A ,

heyy!!!! people let's vote eu hate or love loy chong hwa k?

1/A 2009 SHSS ROCK.
1A! oiiiiiiii
{*5:01 PM}

DEAR 1/A , 29.9.09

something strange....
(^.^) kt here exam coming arh study study.
no love love love in class "someone' and "someone" toach toach sit close close sooner kiss kiss then later wad baby ah nah jk
jyjyjyjyjy go sec 2 or N/A dun stay back

good luck for ur EYE

1/A 2009 SHSS ROCK.
1A! oiiiiiiii
{*10:25 PM}